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Youth FAQ

My child has a food allergy/sensitivity. How does CSCE handle that?

CSCE provides a broad-based French culinary experience and is not an allergy-free kitchen. Our registration form requires that you identify any allergy concerns specific to your child. That said, if your child has an allergy of ingestion only, our venue should be a safe environment as each child prepares his/her own food and we provide substitutions or eliminations that should make it possible for us to address their needs.

What should my child bring to class?

All classes at CSCE include all of the ingredients, food, packaging, tools and equipment necessary. If your child has long hair, please provide a hat or tie back so that hair does not pose a safety concern. Comfortable shoes (sneakers) are recommended as your child will be on his/her feet for most of the class. Bring an insulated carrier as your child will always bring food home and sometimes product is still hot.

Can I take one class or do I have to commit to a series of classes?

Spring Session I and Fall Session II classes are designed to be taken in sequence. Topics are carefully chosen to build each child’s knowledge, confidence and competence in the kitchen. However, all sessions are open enrollment and we encourage participation from any child eager to learn. If you have any questions about these sessions our instructors will be happy to discuss. All Summer camps are designed to be stand-alone, open enrollment cooking adventures.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your child is unable to attend, it is best to send someone in his/her place. Because our goal is to provide the best experience for you and your child, we purchase food and diligently prepare for each child in advance. Therefore, we require full payment at time of registration.

(719) 569-5707