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About Colorado Springs Culinary Enthusiasts

Who Are We?

Chefs at Colorado Springs Culinary EnthusiastsWe are a collection of enthusiastic, inspired Chefs with a vision of bringing our passion of cooking great food to The Springs. Among our number are seasoned professionals and aspiring new comers with diverse backgrounds and culinary specialties. We are from The Springs, California, Montana, Texas, Mexico, Taiwan and Korea. We all share a belief that culinary appreciation in The Springs is growing and that now is the time for a venue featuring professional Chefs eager to share cooking techniques, recipes and the joy of fine cooking. In short, we are Culinary Enthusiasts and we welcome you to join us!


All of our Chefs share a common goal, to inspire and grow the culinary culture in The Springs. Combine that with a passion for teaching and sharing and you have a recipe for a unique, fun and enthusiastic learning experience!


Located on an acre of forested hillside in Erindale Heights, CSCE is blessed with a splendid view of Pulpit Rock, Garden of the Gods and the Front Range, including Pikes Peak. We are pleased to bring both an indoor and outdoor venue for enjoying meals, all prepared in a fully apportioned culinary kitchen.


Our season begins in April and runs through September. A full calendar of classes and specialty events is available on our main page. We’re excited to have you join us!

(719) 569-5707